Dancing Is A Great Way To Maintain Good Health

Shiamak Davar lives by the mantra, “Have feet, will dance!”, and his company, Shiamak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts (SDIPA), follows it to the hilt. With summer holidays here, everyone is looking for something fun to keep them busy. That’s where SDIPA’s Summer Funk comes into the picture. Offering dance classes for people of all ages, right from four to 84, these classes are a super way to inject some activity into these lazy summer days, without compromising on fun!

Dancing is one of the best ways to get some exercise and have fun along the way. Even if you don’t have the grace or finesse to be a professional dancer, all you need to do is get on your feet and keep dancing.

Dance is also a great way to de-stress your body and mind. Since you can’t dance if you’re not enjoying yourself, having fun is a must! Whether it’s Bollywood that’s your style or hip-hop, in these classes you can learn anything you want. With energetic instructors that inspire you with their moves and an informal environment that encourages you to dance any way you can, Shiamak’s classes are a great way to stay in shape. Here’s what Shiamak himself has to say about dance:

“In my opinion, dance is not just about dance routines. It helps people to de-stress, and to improve their personality. Although the essence of dance is creative expression and fun, dance can help people in more than one way.

Dance has this unique ability to educate, entertain and empower at the same time, and that’s what we strive to provide to all our students. Our dance classes are consciously made interactive and encourage people to participate. SDI’s dance classes are also designed to inculcate a sense of leadership and team spirit among students.
We know that not every person who dances when they are young will go on to become a professional, or even continue to dance. But the majority who have danced at some point in their lives will speak about the fun and the discipline of it. The feel-good rhythm that moved their feet then, continues to course through their veins today. Once a dancer… always a dancer!”
Reasons to put on those dancing shoes!

•    Improved fitness
•    More confidence
•    Better concentration
•    Stronger discipline
•    Better posture
•    Improved body awareness
•    Positive thinking
•    Healthier appetite
•    Better memory
•    More willpower
•    Enhanced communication skills
•    Greater team spirit
•    Enhanced creativity