Da Milano Hand Bags

It was 1989 when Da Milano started providing exclusive leather accessories and products to people who like to live classy lives. Its collections carry originality, genuine quality and flair incomparable to any other brand.

Da Milano promotes prized craftsmanship, experienced handiwork and the best resources to create an exclusive, signature style. And it’s not only in India, for it’s proudly associated with global markets like Europe, North America, Asia and Russia where the brand has carved a niche for itself.

Collections vary from formal to informal, business to glamour, ladies’ bags to men’s wallets, business folders to other accessories. The style and exquisite looks of each product are international in feel, and the recent Ostrich collection is a covetable new take on a classic; a must-have in your closet!

The collection was made keeping in mind the fashionable woman who wants to feel luxury all the time, be it at an office meeting or during a day out with friends, or even on a romantic evening date with her beau.

Strong lines, the androgynous feel, and a contrast between matte and patent styles emphasise these pieces, reflecting the mood of the season. The collection incorporates a bright and summery colour palette with shades of orange, ivory, peach, white, mustard, aqua and more.