Customised to Perfection

Uncluttered and cosy are the first things that come to mind as you enter Neetu and Deepak Arora’s home in GK 2, New Delhi. An interior designer by profession, Neetu left no stone unturned while planning her independent bungalow. The couple live in this home with their children Aashna and Aditya.
A talented and creative interior designer, Neetu is the owner of Ivy Concepts, a unit of the SLA Group, while her husband too is in the field of construction and interiors. In the last two decades, Ivy Concepts has completed over 50 commercial projects in the Delhi NCR region. The husband-wife duo realised that there was a shortage of high-end quality designer furniture in the country, and through Ivy Concepts began to design and deliver eclectic furniture to beautify homes.
Having lived here for almost eight years, Neetu tells us how she wanted to give every room its share of privacy. “I’ve made the layout of the house in such a way that when you enter one room, the people in the other rooms are not disturbed,” says Neetu. The family home is divided into three floors, each of which is independent and belongs to other family members.
Neetu and Deepak’s home follows a modern theme with straight-line furniture. They wanted to give the space a luxurious feel without having to compromise on comfort, so most of the furniture was designed in-house while some was outsourced. Every room has a different colour palette in line with its functionality and the personalities of its occupants. For example, Aashna’s bedroom has a pink and cream theme because that’s her favourite colour, whereas Neetu and Deepak’s bedroom features soft tones of white and aqua blue.  
Dark wood Wenge flooring is used throughout the house, giving it a rich look. The living room has three separate seating spaces – a formal setting, a bay area by the window and a dining area. The interiors are a mix of traditional and modern. Much of the furniture is in the Art Deco style, complete with curved sofas and Swarovski-studded centre and side tables. The space follows a muted colour palette with red accessories in the form of cushions, flowers and candlesticks that add a splash of colour. Above the fireplace in the living room is a one-of-a-kind 3D mural that gives the space a serene vibe. A rustic ceiling made of slanting wood panels and fibreglass brings in ample natural light. Neetu says, “The bay area is my favourite space for morning tea. It faces the east and has a little greenery around it, giving one the feeling of sitting in the lap of nature.”
With its pink theme, Aashna’s bedroom has a very feminine vibe. A beautiful Japanese Geisha painting above the bed adds to the look of the room. Aditya’s room, on the other hand, follows an orange and blue theme. The vibrant room has a textured wall and indigo blue upholstery. The guest bedroom is colourful too, with its soft yellow textured wall, and deep red upholstery and furnishings. The master bedroom is equipped with large cupboards studded with mother-of-pearl inlay work. A glass sliding door separates the bedroom from the dressing room, giving it a spacious look. Every room has an attached dressing and bathroom, along with a small balcony with a little greenery.
“The living room is where we spend most of our time together. We also like to host get-togethers and socialise, and this is the perfect place to do so,” says Neetu.

The kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art modern appliances that are neatly placed. There is ample space for storage, while an informal breakfast table adds a convenient touch. The kitchen is separated from the living room by a painted glass sliding door.
To be sure, the Arora home features some unique pieces specially fabricated by their in-house company. But what makes it even more special is the passion with which everything has been put together. There is no doubt that Neetu and Deepak have made it the perfect home for their family.    – Niharika