This Custom Himalaya Defender and a Bespoke Kodiak Turboprop Could be Yours for $3 Million

If you’re looking to spend around $3 million on your dream gift, look no further – we might have the perfect idea for you! The American off-road vehicle builder Himalaya has teamed up with aircraft manufacturer Kodiak to offer a dream package that includes both a customised Himalaya defender and a matching Kodiak plane. This special offer costs exactly $3 million. This would be a perfect gift for car enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

The exclusive package includes a bespoke Kodiak 100 Series II plane, packed with numerous goodies, like customised badging and a distinctive livery, modern technology and a cool interior that adds to the overall feeling of safety and comfort. Kodiak will be designing only a limited number of multi-passenger K100 Series II plans for Himalaya. This high-end customised Defender 110 is more than capable of handling any off-road adventure. It’s equipped with a powerful 300-hp TDI engine. Manual transmission, the level of performance, reliability, and comfort included in this Himalaya package is simply superb. At the Himalaya Experience Center, you will also get to enjoy a variety of backcountry experiences and guided tours. But did you know that Himalaya also built five customised snowmobiles and snow bikes? Each of them is fine-tuned with a specific terrain and rider in mind, and you are more than welcome to put them through their paces.           - Web: