Culture Machine’s digital channel ‘Blush’ celebrates diversity in beauty

Culture Machine’s lifestyle channel ‘Blush’ along with ‘Dove’ with their new campaign #ChangeTheRhyme -continues to ask provocative questions, break the rules of beauty, and challenge the notion of ‘ideal beauty’ with this video ‘Is that You?’

“Chubby Cheeks, Rosy Lips…” is an extremely popular nursery rhyme which all of us have grown up with. However, a close observation of the verses makes you wonder if this is the first seed of a singular beauty ideal that young girls are exposed to. The video ‘Is that You?’ compels the audience to question this singular beauty ideal.

Bringing this point to light, team Blush has taken the perfect example of sports women in India to break the rules of beauty. They stand as an inspiration to all the women of our country who aspire to go against all odds to pursue their dreams. These charismatic individuals have proved that hard work coupled with a vision is the only makeup a woman requires to stand tall with confidence.

For Dove, a brand that wants women & girls of all ages to see themselves and their own individual/unique beauty as a source of confidence & not anxiety, this was an opportunity to start a dialogue that questions how unwittingly a nursery rhyme became a prop to seed a narrow beauty ideal amongst young girls.


Culture Machine’s digital channel ‘Blush’, released a statement, “Every woman is a hero who needs to unleash her inner fighter to win over the world. Through this video, we aspire to break up the monopoly that ‘light’ skin, ‘coloured’ eyes, ‘lustrous’ hair etc. are supposed to have over our sense of value. In multiple cultures, dark skin for instance, is constructed as beauty’s arch-nemesis, something that must be repressed and stunted at all costs. What’s disturbing is, all of these adjectives have been ingrained in our minds since childhood with the nursery rhymes we are taught in schools. This video was created because it is high time our society realised their faults in defining a woman’s standards.”