The Crystal Rain Grand Piano

Legendary Japanese piano manufacturer Kawai was one of the stars shimmering at the 2018 Milan design week, where new approaches to instrument design were showcased. Japanese light artist Takahiroo Matsuo imagined and spectacularly executed a crystal grand piano called

‘Crystal Rain’. The piano is a stunning model, floating upon undulating waves of water. This piano will mesmerize you as each note will sparkle due to droplets of light raining down into the space surrounding the piano. After 90 years of meticulously crafting fine pianos, the company has created this interesting blend of music, art and technology in the most stunning and beautiful manner possible. A unique creation from the get-go, the delicately-crafted cabinet showcases the inner workings of the piano due to it being transparent. This crystal beauty also enhances the pianist’s own appearance, giving anywhere you place it a grand atmosphere and look, regardless of the musical composition playing on it. Although this piano has not been given a price-tag due to it’s one-of-a-kind and unique nature, we are quite positive this beauty will be up for grabs in the near future.   - Luxatic