Crispy Fried Beijing Onio

by mediology
Ingredients    Qty
lotus flour     500 gm
lukewarm water     300 gm
chopped spring onions   300 gm
cheese   50 gm
sesame oil     10 ml
salt and pepper    to taste     


1.   Make soft dough with lotus flour and lukewarm water. Mix chopped spring onions, cheese, and sesame oil.
2.   Portion the dough into 50 gm each and roll into thin sheets. Place the cheese and onion mixture in the middle and seal into fancy shapes as desired.
3.   Fry them until crispy and golden brown, and serve with soya garlic sauce.
4.   Chef recommends frying the onion cake in moderately hot oil — this will prevent  the cheese bursting out of the dumpling.

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