Creating Magic - Dolly Lokwani Lohani

Dolly Lokwani Lohani is best described as a flower - soft, gentle and extremely easy on the eyes. Once a store fashion store owner, then a model and now a successful interior designer - the lovely lady wears many hats. Here’s more on her.

What made you pick interior design as a profession?
I am a firm believer of following my heart and letting life be my guide. I have always been interested in art, in decorating, beautifying my surroundings and fashion. I am passionate towards learning everything that I love. So I learnt about fashion, even did a course in interior design. However, I let life guide me in my journey and took up opportunities that came my way. So from owning Vinegar - a fashion store, to modelling to then discovering that I see myself bringing life to spaces, as an interior designer. In short, I followed my heart and let life be my guide.

What kind of projects do you work in?
I started off with designing office spaces and then made my way into residential projects. I enjoy the process of transforming spaces so I try not to define the kind of projects I choose or not, in order to have the space to take up any work that interests me.

What is your USP?
I think my USP would be that I always aim for perfection. I don’t believe in compromising in quality. I also make sure the client gets what they need the most and at the same time create with my skill possibly the most beautiful and comfortable space for them to be in.

So far, which project do you consider your best? 
For the amount of heart and soul I put into them all, I cannot pick just one. Hence they’re all my favourites.

Which one project is the closest to your heart and why?
A project I did in Mumbai. It’s the closest to my heart because the challenges I faced during it were massive. It was a unique one, because I worked on it remotely and never actually travelled on-site. Thankfully it turned out to be better than what I had even imagined. It made me realise what I was capable of.

You were one of the best known models in the city - how did you get into it and what made you quit?
There was no fixed plan, some people approached me to model for them and I just went with the flow. Before I realised, I was swamped with offers. The reason I quit was because I wanted to try my hand at something I had always loved. Ever as a child, I enjoyed decorating things around me. I’ve always loved everything beautiful and I’d hope to share my wonderful ideas with people, or somehow create beauty in their lives, too.

What other interests do you have?
Oh! There are so many. I love to workout so that I can eat all the biryani I like. Not only do I like to eat but like to cook for my family and close friends. I also enjoy traveling, especially with my husband. I can go anywhere if he’s with me!

What makes you laugh the most?
I think I was born with a face stuck with a smile. It takes very little to make me smile and my laughter is always heart felt. But to name some factors - it would be my husband... always! Then my brother, my puppy and some of my friends; just being with them is like being in a laughing fest.

What three things do you think of the most each day?
My Gratitude towards God for all the blessings that I have. My family is always in my thoughts and I’m obsessed about cleaning my house - so that’s always on my mind!

Your sense of style seems so effortless - is it really easy?
It is very easy. I just just follow my mood on a daily basis. I like to keep it simple. I’m most comfortable being me and that is my style.

Tell us more about yourself.
I am a simple, fun-loving person. I love my family above everything. I’m a very private person and believe that once you have your loved ones by your side you can achieve whatever you wish for.           --- as told to Anahita