Craft Irish Whiskey Co.’S ‘The Devil’s Keep’ Makes Whiskey History

Craft Irish Whiskey Co. aims to reinstate the popularity of Irish whiskey and help it reclaim its place as the best of the best from scotch brands. Producers of collectable and rare whiskeys, Craft Irish Whiskey Co., introduced the oldest-ever distilled whiskey, a 29-year-old single malt called ‘The Devil’s Keep’. This wonderful drink is unlike any other whiskey, and it is the brand’s high-end release. Devil’s Keep will be the most expensive launch in the history of whiskey, sold on Craft Irish Whiskey’s website. This drink was first invented in Ireland sometime in the 14th century.

This stunning single malt whiskey started its journey in American oak casks that previously stored bourbon. Then it was transferred to French oak barrels that used to house a viscous Tawny Port, before ending up in virgin Hungarian oak. As a result of this unique process, this unique Irish whiskey delivers a smoky profile with hints of vanilla, caramel, and toasted sugar.

Apart from The Devil’s Keep bottle, customers will also receive a beautiful carafe of pure Irish spring water, an “Angel’s Share” atomizer, as well as a jar of malted barley.       - Web: