Cozumel Island mexico

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city life, away from all networks and connectivity Randhirr Reddy chose to spend a few days of his vacation with his sisters in the lap of nature - reliving the good old days they had shared as kids. A keen traveller he came across Cozumel Island, Mexico in the Caribbean Sea. Popular as cruise ship port, it’s famous for scuba diving and its reefs.         
“Part of Mexico, we took a seven day cruise to the Island from Tampa, Florida. Both my sister Deepti and Ravali lives in the US and as customary every year we go on a tour. I meet them in Miami and we took the voyage forward.”  
Off the coast of Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel is a busy island that is not just another cruise ship destination. Of course, a lot of visitors come here from across Mexico through large cruise liners but you can still see an island of quiet cool and genuine authenticity. Some of the best things you can do here is to dive down to some of the best reefs in the world. While scuba and snorkelling is a major draw, the town is a nice place to spend time and explore the Mexican culture.    
Playa Del Carmen 
Randhirr found the place to be much like India. The close family culture and food habits seemed similar. “When we got off the cruise, I asked the Captain for a tip that would help us around in shopping and dealing with the local transport. He said, ‘do what Indians are best at – bargain’. I tried it with the cabs and it worked. I used the same trick with the shops and it was rewarding,” laughed Randhirr.    
Cozumel town is quite small and does not have many large shops but there are lots of small tourist souvenir shops selling everything you could ever want. The nicer part of Cozumel is just further back from the sea. You can venture further back into the village parts were people live. It is safe to do and gives a glimpse into typical Mexican life.
Cozumel Island 
“I actually saw Hyderabad. The people talk loud; they bargain and have a very similar family bounding. We hired a mini bus and the driver showed us around the place. He was so kind that he took us to his home and feed us with some authentic Mexican food. I also learnt a few recipes as my love for food extends to cooking sometime.  
“The reason I choose the place is for its rich culture and heritage. The old traditions and the tribes gives you a hint of their lifestyle. Interestingly, their culture is a lot similar to us. Only difference would be, they let their children choose their life partner, unlike most of us.”
Randhirr explored the windswept beaches, tried aged tequila, learnt a few things about the Mexican cuisine and discovered it is safe to travel to this place against his preconceived notions. But before reaching this place, the siblings had an exceptional joyous time in the cruise.      
windswept beaches 
“It was seven days of madness in the middle of unending waters,” expressed Randhirr. “We were headed straight to the island. In fact, the seven start Carnival Cruise is an Island in itself. It has a lot to offer from entertainment to food, sports and leisure.
“One of the best thing we really look forward to everyday was the captain’s dinner. Hosted by the captain we were treated to different cuisine each day - Arabic, Lebanese, Mexican and more. Then there were amazing things like sitting on the edge of the ships when it’s on full speed, star gazing, dolphins racing the cruise and various aspect of a sea travel that one can only experience. I and my younger sister would join the captain and his crew for the captain dance as well. It was fun,” added Randhirr.       
These seven days on the cruise and two day on the island were the most memorable time Randhirr had spent with his sisters. “The best part was that we were not connected to any gadgets. It was 100% true family time.”