Cosy Cuppa

With the showers playing hide and seek, relaxing seems like the best thing you can do in this weather. During a downpour, nothing hits the spot quite like a hot beverage, a cosy place to sit, and watching the rain pelt down. While most of us have a habit of grabbing sugary tea or coffee, these aren’t the healthiest of drinks. Instead of this standard fare, or avoiding hot drinks altogether, why not follow our research and pick something a bit healthier that’ll still hit the spot?! Several different teas, all better for you than the typical milk-and-sugar variant, work especially well.
Green tea
Allow us to remind you (for about the millionth time) how healthy green tea is. A hot cup could be exactly what your body needs, since it can help prevent high blood pressure and it’s abundant in antioxidants. Green tea fights colds, the flu and other infections common in the rainy season, and it gives your metabolism a boost. It can even aid in digestion and weight loss. Try to get your hands on a very special variant called matcha, a Japanese green tea that comes in powder form (be warned – it’s powerful!). Though green tea is usually consumed without sugar, add a little ginger and/or honey to enhance the flavour while retaining the health factor.
Red bush tea
An interesting type of tea that is especially healthy, red bush tea is excellent. If you thought green tea was healthy, this one takes it to new level. Also known as rooibos tea, it’s packed with a number of antioxidants that strengthen and protect the body against high cholesterol, arthritis, and heart and liver disease. It also helps treat anxiety and insomnia. But the best part about red bush tea is that it’s completely caffeine-free.
Ginger tea
Yet another great way to enjoy hot tea this monsoon is in the form of ginger tea. You can use any kind of herbal leaf to make it. Just boil water with sliced ginger before adding the tea leaves. This gives you a bit of extra heat and punch. Ginger is great for many things. It helps you digest your food better and can even help women ease the discomfort of menstrual aches. A hot cup of ginger tea can also work wonders on someone suffering from sinusitis.
Mint tea
Mint can be extremely helpful in the healing process, so infuse a bit into your herbal tea to make it extra healthy. Mint is very relaxing, and mint tea can have a calming effect on the mind and the body. The herb has been known to relieve muscle spasms and bring about feelings of joy, which means mint tea can go down a treat with someone suffering from headache. It also fights infection and keeps the skin glowing.
Mulled wine
A glass of red wine every once in a while is good for the heart, owing to the fact that grapes are extremely healthy. Rich in antioxidants that are great for the body, red wine is an ace anti-inflammatory agent. A glass of wine can boost your good cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease, and a hot glass of mulled wine can have healthy effects, too. The spices give it a bit of a kick, both in terms of flavour and health benefits. Mulled wine can be made at home using red wine, spices like cinnamon and clove, a couple of oranges, and a wee bit of sugar.
Hot chocolate
There’s something comforting about hot cocoa, which can be made in a variety of ways. Despite the rumours that chocolate is unhealthy, it is in fact good for you in moderation. Cocoa is packed with antioxidants, and dark chocolate is even healthier than milk or white. If you have high blood pressure, dark chocolate can lower it. But it also has serotonin in it to help calm the nerves. Use dark cocoa powder or melted dark chocolate, skimmed milk, and honey instead of sugar. A tiny bit of peanut butter or cinnamon can make it a little healthier and much tastier.
Apple cider

Apple cider is often used in cold countries as a warming agent. It has two key ingredients, both of which happen to be excellent for your health. Apples are great for the brain and the heart, while cinnamon is good at fighting cholesterol and diabetes.

Pick one of these delights to keep yourself warm and healthy, and you should be fit and ready to embrace the monsoon with vigour!     ..... Saloni