Cosmetic Commandments

With so many weddings and the festival season around the corner, you’re going to want to look your best at a moment’s notice. Trends come and go with time, as do personal styles, but certain things are permanent. Follow these cardinal makeup rules, considered by many to be the holy grail of beauty.
Fix thy foundation
When it comes to makeup, getting your foundation right can make or break your look. The first step is to find the right shade; not all of us have the same skin tone, and the wrong pick will not help your cause. Find foundation that is exactly right for your tone, though it might be tedious and require you to experiment with a few brands before you find what works for you. In the end, the effort will be well worthwhile. We suggest picking a foundation of a shade closest to your neck, as this will make your look more natural.
Go easy on exfoliation
Though exfoliating is really great for your skin, and it’s something you should do regularly, take care when you do. Be gentle on your skin; don’t let the exfoliating agent get too rough. Rub carefully so that you don’t damage your skin. Scrubbing too hard can lead to increased oil production.
Don’t overload on bronzer
Though bronzer can work wonders on your face, it’s often overused. While you might think that you can’t overdo something like bronzer, remember that too much of anything is bad. Hold back when applying bronzer. Though it does give one a lovely tan colour and is useful when it comes to contouring, overdoing it can kill your whole look.
The promise of protection
Ask any expert, and she’ll tell you how important it is to wear sunscreen every day. Nothing takes a toll on the skin quite like the sun does. Apart from wrinkles and spots, sunlight can do much more serious damage to your skin, so we suggest using products that have a high sun protection factor (SPF). Moisturising should be a part of your skincare regime either way, so use product with as high SPF as possible (depending on what suits your skin).

The promise of protection
Powder up
Some people believe that loose powder is an integral part of sealing makeup. The skin is never completely smooth, and the longer you wear makeup, the more it collects in your creases. These become prominent unless you use loose or translucent powder, so pick what suits you best. Stick to using that at the end, to seal your makeup and reduce the appearance of unattractive lines.
Nocturnal ritual
One of the most important aspects of wearing makeup is removing it. Most celebrities and models will tell you they always take their makeup off before sleeping, and experts will corroborate the importance of this practice. After all, cosmetics are made from chemicals. Makeup clogs your pores, preventing them from breathing. Use a mild makeup remover to wipe yourself off (gently) before applying your night cream.

Nocturnal ritual
Liner and lipstick
Many people wear lip liner to add definition to their lips. That’s great, but choosing liner one or two shades darker than your lipstick isn’t wise. Remember to pick what matches or blends with your lipstick, so that there’s no trace of it around your lips.
Spray specifically
When it comes to perfume and body spray, we sometimes go overboard trying to smell nice. Like any other cosmetic, fragrances contain chemicals that clog your pores. Apply your fragrance to your pulse points; they help make the scent last longer. Allow your skin to breathe.

Spray specifically
Au naturale
We aren’t talking about makeup, but the light in which you apply it. It’s always good to apply makeup in natural light, as this will give you the best possible results and keep you looking your best in all kinds of settings. The use of bright bulbs can make things look too harsh or too dull, so go natural with your lighting!                                                                                                           ..... Saloni