Core RPG Pokémon Game For Nintendo Switch

Japanese company Pokémon, which has developed the popular location based reality game Pokémon Go, is developing a new game that can be played on Nintendo Switch. The new game is titled as the ‘Core RPG Pokémon game’.

Based on speculations the new game consists of similar map, routes, cities and art style as the Pokémon Sun and Moon. According to Fox News, at the E3 gaming convention Nintendo talked about the new Pokémon game and said that the game will not be ready until a year or more, also the company announced that apart from this new core RPG Pokémon game there are several other games such as ‘Metroid Prime 4’, ‘Fire Emblem Warriors’, a new Mario game known as ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle!’, virtual soccer game ‘Rocket League’ and ‘Super Mario Odyssey’.

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