Consuming junk food might increase the risk of bone damage

Are you craving a bag of chips or a hamburger? Well you might already be aware of the harmful effects of consuming junk food, but did you know it can also affect your bones. 

A group of researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel discovered that there is a strong link between processed foods and weak bones. The study revealed that it is particularly evident in younger children, who consume unhealthy foods on a regular basis. 

Harmful effects of junk food- 

  • Increases the risk of heart diseases- One of the lesser known facts of consuming junk food on a regular basis is it increases the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases. Foods like soda, pizza and fries contain high amounts of trans fats and sugar. Trans are responsible for increasing bad cholesterol, which further puts you at a risk of heart problems. 
  • Lowers memory power- One of the disadvantages of eating junk food is that it can deteriorate your memory. When your body consumes foods that are high in sugars and fat, there will be a significant decrease in functions like memory, learning and attention. 
  • Elevates stress levels and depression- Studies have shown that consuming junk food alters the chemical activities in the brain which will further lead to inability to deal with stress and which might increase the chances of depression. 
  • Causes digestive problems- A downside of feeding your body with unhealthy food is it leads to digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome and build up of acid. Along with acidity, it causes constipation and bloating.         - Akhila