Confessions of a Wellness Addict

By Vishawaveer

When I was 28, I discovered I had an alarmingly high blood pressure rate. My mother would get a physician to come home to check her pressure three times a week, and it was this man who announced to me that something was seriously wrong with my BP after I’d agreed to check it on a lark. The hypochondriac in me kicked in, and a visit to the doctor was immediately scheduled. The diagnosis? I was suffering from some form of hypertension that was causing the BP spike. Several blood tests were done, samples of everything unmentionable were collected, and I was given a very strong anti-anxiety medicine, Trika, along with pressure regulating meds, Met XL 50 and Telma 40, to be taken in the morning and night. The doc pointed out to me that I was being wrongly-medicated by a dermat who had put me on a strong dose of something that should only have been consumed for a three month period. I’d been popping these for over two years! And they’d completely destroyed my system. The BP and anxiety could have been a byproduct of taking those meds, but there was no way to know for sure. The damage was done.

Resigned to taking BP tablets for the rest of my life I accepted this as my fate and cursed the day I’d met the dermatologist who had put me in this position. It was easy to blame her, but I have to confess that at the time, I was working in a high-stress environment. Bombay life wasn’t easy, and the trials and tribulations of a corporate career were also taking their toll on my mental health. I was continuously stressed and under-pressure to work harder, make more money and climb the ladder… no matter how many bodies and other’s careers I left in the wake of my ascent. 

When one’s health is hit, something changes in them. The feeling of invincibility disappears, you realize you are mortal and your body isn’t as impervious to your lifestyle as you’d once thought. A pretty aggressive social life, coupled with binge drinking and chain-smoking, didn’t help either. The two espressos I consumed at the office were as good as drinking shots of poison. 

On a trip to Dubai, I was introduced to VIVAMAYR’s Dr Harald Stossier (who I’ve interviewed in this issue on Page 25 as part of You & I’s Special Feature on Wellness Sanctuaries). Over a one hour consultation at the Dubai Herbal Treatment Centre, Dr Stossier went through my medical reports, performed a muscle kinesiology test and put me a course of supplements, which I bought there and then. Magnesium Citrate for better digestion, Antioxidants to remove the free radicals in my blood and DHEA, a controversial supplement that is considered the Youth Hormone. I didn’t know what to make of it all but started the meds nonetheless. 

A week into my course, I noticed things changing. My energy levels were bursting through the roof; I was eating better, sleeping better and feeling like a billion dollars. Stossier had in his diagnosis figured out everything that was missing from my system and prescribed exactly that. A few months later, I visited the VIVAMAYR clinic in Austria for a two-week treatment that was meant to detoxify, re-energize and invigorate me back to good health. The trip was such a success that I made it into an annual habit. All that junk food, bad sleeping habits, copious amounts of alcohol and tobacco had dented my physical wellbeing. Going to the centre was in many ways a form of reversing all the effects of these bad influences. It was like taking the body in for a servicing. 

Later, as part of my family’s consulting business, I visited Nimba in Gujarat, a wellness centre that we managed for six months, incorporating hospitality practices to upgrade their product and experience. Here, I learned about Ayurveda and satvic eating. Their Ayurvedic oil treatments were revolutionary to me, even though these were practices we Indian’s have been using for millennia. 

Subsequent visits to other centres around the country, Suvarnamukhi in Bengaluru and Pema Bay Park in Vishakapatnam, made me into a wellness junkie of sorts. I figured out what worked for me. And that is the key to understanding alternative medicine and wellness, trying, experimenting and figuring out what’s best for your body. The damage I had caused to myself using allopathy and conventional medicine were all reversed thanks to my personal discovery of treatments that are centuries old, but somehow forgotten by the masses who prefer popping pills from the pharmacist to negate a symptom without addressing its root cause. 

Thousands, if not millions, around the world today, are doing exactly this. Sick and tired of normal medical practices, they are looking elsewhere for solutions. Colonics, IV drip infusions, fasting, oxygen treatments, nasal treatments, detoxifying baths, saunas and massages, exercise… in the right order and duration can have a life-changing effect on a person. They’re easier on the body, yes they do require taking time out and spending effort and money, but what could be more precious than your body? In the end, those old words do ring true – Health is Wealth.