From Concept to Construction Mohammed Hyder Khan

Hyderabad-based Mohammed Hyder Khan has a vision and evinces a unique character, decisiveness and solid thinking. Starting in the field of design in 2000, the multifaceted designer speaks with You & I about his creative projects, which are known for their strong concepts and distinctive forms.

Over his 15-plus-year career, architect, construction manager, and interior designer Mohammed Hyder Khan has built a reputation for being the ultimate mix master. Popular among clients, he arranges disparate elements – say, a traditional table and a striking modern sculpture – into harmonious juxtapositions.It’s a skill that’s on display in his architecture styles as well – a captivating 26,000 square-foot residence, complete with a contemporary pool and extensive gardens with lush landscaping. And one that he has decorated for himself, including the sophisticated yet comfortable villas in Jubilee Hills and Film Nagar.


Hyder’s career as a designer began in the early 2000s, when he worked for the nation’s largest home builder in the US, and built over 300 luxury homes and 600 condominiums.After 10 years, he started his own firm in California. “When I approach any project, I consider the context: the client’s requirement of space, their budget and concept. I then comprehend the type of style they are envisioning. Accordingly, I introduce them to a range of similar styles of projects that I have built, which are showcased on my website,” the architect states.

There’s been an evolution to Khan’s design career. For years, he took on various projects for himself, slowly gaining a reputation – to the point that owning one of the houses he’d designed and furnished became a mark of prestige. “I tailored the Jubilee Hills project around the quality of the light,” recalls the multifaceted designer, adding that he was fascinated how the sunshine “suffused the interiors, establishing patches here and shadows there.”


Balancing functionality and aesthetics beautifully, Hyder’s imagination, grounded by sensitivity to practical concerns, has kept his clients captivated. “Individualisation is the theme of my projects. And I always work to create a context for my clients’ lives, rather than forcing mine on them,” Hyder explains. “I make sure to create a space that is comfortable and warm. Perhaps that is the essence why people like my work.”

Once you’ve been in a couple of Khan’s houses, you’ll realise how they always feel human. He combines things that have different layers and levels of meaning and value. Old things and new things. “Honestly, designing doesn’t quite cover it. I am part architect and part construction manager. So I only take up projects that include designing, construction and interiors,” he adds.


Towards the end of our interview, we asked Hyder about the common computer-generated visualisations, and if there still exists a place for sketching designs by hand. He replied, “Yes. Although 3D modelling is important in the process of a project, I still prefer sketching designs by hand. I believe the beauty of that is completely different, and it still stands out.”


Hyder will continue to evolve, and his firm is now engaged in a multitude of high-profile projects. These include a development of 28 luxury homes in Tracy, California, and the interiors of a 4,000 square-foot apartment in DSR Reganti Hitech city. “I’m never short of inspiration,” he says. “There are always new ideas – and new projects.”  – as told to Anisha