Conan O’Brien Accused of Joke Theft in Lawsuit

by mediology

A San Diego man is claiming that Conan O’Brien stole his jokes from Twitter and then used them in his late-night talk show, “Conan.”
Robert Alexander Kaseberg, a freelance comedy writer who also appears to go by the name Alex Kaseberg, filed a lawsuit earlier this month charging that O’Brien and his “Conan” writers lifted four jokes from his personal blog and Twitter account. Kaseberg references four jokes from January and February to as recently June that he believes were stolen from his own personal blog and Twitter account. He is seeking $600,000 in damages.
On January 14, Kaseberg wrote on Twitter: “A Delta flight this week took off from Cleveland to New York with just two passengers. And they fought over control of the armrest the entire flight.” Later that day, O’Brien said during his show: “On Monday, a Delta flight from Cleveland to New York took off with just two passengers. Yet somehow, they spent the whole flight fighting over the armrest.”
Kasenberg says that tweets he made about Tom Brady, Caitlyn Jenner, and the Washington Monument were also used as fodder for O’Brien’s nightly monologues.
In another instance, on February 17, Kaseberg tweeted: “The Washington Monument is 10 inches shorter than previously thought… You know the winter has been cold when a monument suffers from shrinkage.” O’Brien then featured the following joke on his show: “Surveyors announced that the Washington Monument is 10 inches shorter than what’s been recorded. Of course, the monument is blaming the shrinkage on the cold weather.”
O’Brien’s production company denies the allegations, “We at Conaco firmly believe there is no merit to this lawsuit.

….. Devashree Goenka

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