Conçu - Hyderabad often

If you live in or visit Hyderabad often, you would have certainly heard of Conçu, a patisserie and café that specialises in authentic European pastry. Conceptualised by the husband and wife team of Sahil Taneja and Swati Upadhyay, Conçu offers a refreshingly modern, artisanal approach to sweet indulgences. The name – which translates to “crafted” or “aptly designed”, perfectly describes their desserts and savoury dishes!

Conçu aims to exceed expectations and featuresa wide variety of signature cakes, decadent pastries, baked treats, exceptional tiered cakes, and now an elaborate café menu, too. The patisserie uses fresh ingredients of outstanding quality, and each offering is elegantly crafted.

We chatted with the promoters of the café on the importance of presentation and here’s what they had to say: “Over the years we’ve realised that the way to our customers’ hearts isn’t just through their stomachs, but through their eyes too. It’s true, you do eat with your eyes first, hence our focus lies not just in how our products taste but also in how they look. That said, we also believe that presentation and practicality are equally important. A product may be gorgeous, but if it’s perishable or if the garnishes are extremely delicate, then all the time spent on making the product look good goes to waste! So we spend several hours not just designing the appearance of the product, but also ensuring we tick the boxes such as ‘child-friendly’, ‘ease of eating’, ‘durable shelf life’, and ‘travel-friendly’”.

As the name suggests, Conçu takes its craft very seriously. Numerous procedures are in place to ensure that it’s not just the products that look and taste great, but that the entire experience at Conçu is truly memorable. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out their speciality desserts that we bet are among the best in the city.