Common Fitness Mistakes To Avoid

Despite eating healthy food and exercising regularly, if your not able to lose weight or are gaining extra kilos then something is wrong with your fitness routine. While embarking on a fitness regime one must avoid these common mistakes to notice significant changes.

Here are the most common mistakes people tend to make:

  • Doing Too Much Exercise At Once- It is very important to pay attention to your body while exercising. It is not advisable to push yourself too much, by doing so one will experience various health issues such as mood changes, heart strain, fatigue, poor immune system, dehydration, insomnia, kidney damage to name a few. If you experience pain after a rigorous work out take a break.
  • Ignoring Your Diet- In order to lose weight and staying healthy, only exercise is not enough and you must pay attention to what you are eating. Weight loss can be achieved by eating weight loss friendly foods such as green leafy vegetables, meat, eggs, nuts, some whole grains, and fruits along with proper exercise.
  • Not Getting Enough Sleep- An average adult needs 7 to 8 hours of good sleep.When you rest, your body replenishes itself with proteins and other nutrients.
  • Not Stretching- In order to function efficiently, the joints require certain amount of flexibility. Before working out it is always good to stretch a little bit because it improves muscle movement, reduces stiffness and chances of injury.
  • Eating Less- Many people are in an assumption that one of the key factors to lose weight is to eat less but it is not true. One must focus on having a balanced diet according to the activities you perform. It is good to eat small meals frequently.
  • Doing The Same Exercise- When you do the same workout every single day, your body gets adjusted to it and you tend to lose less weight. You must either change the workout every alternate day or increase your intensity.
  • Expecting Immediate Results- Do not give up if you don’t notice results immediately. You must give your body atleast 2 to 3 months to notice significant changes. 

  -- Akhila Kakarala


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