Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice for Healthy Hair

If you want to improve your hair growth and keep your mane healthy, all you just need to do is walk to your kitchen. The two best items for achieving healthy hair are coconut oil and lemon juice. Why? Take a look:

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

One of the best oil treatments is using the combination of coconut oil and olive oil. They help fight dryness by moisturising the scalp and conditioning your hair. Hence use this combo for deep conditioning and soft, frizz-free hair.

•    Mix the 2 tablespoons coconut oil and 2 tablespoons olive oil in a glass bowl

•    Heat the solution for a few seconds in a microwave

•    Massage this warm oil on your scalp

•    Wrap a hot-water soaked towel around your head

•    Leave it for an hour

•    Washing off with a mild shampoo

If you follow this routine twice every week, these are the benefits you can enjoy:

•    The fatty acid and lauric acid content in coconut will prevent hair from breaking

•    It penetrates into your scalp and moisturizes your hair

•    Massaging regularly with coconut oil will stimulate blood circulation and boost hair growth.

Lemon Juice for Hair Growth

Keeping lemon juice in your hair for long periods is helpful, as the lemon’s acidic nature helps in maintaining a healthy and clean hair.

•    Take the ¼ cup lemon juice and pour it into ¾ cup water

•    After shampooing your hair, pour this lemon juice-water on your head slowly

•    Massage your scalp

•    Leave it for 5 minutes and wash

Here are the benefits of following this routine:

•    The vitamin C content of lemon juice is important for producing collagen in your body, which helps in the growth of your hair.

•    It cleanses hair follicles and unclogs pores

•    Controls the production of sebum

Pic courtesy: Pixabay