Click, Snap, and Capture!

After breaking all records with their original SL camera, the German company Leica is back with a bang, with the second edition of their SL – a new entirely mirrorless full frame camera that is quite the upgrade from its earlier version. With a new powerful redesigned body, a higher resolution sensor and the brand new electronic viewfinder, the new Leica SL2 cost a nice 4 years of making. The camera is the perfect amalgamation of pure performance and their iconic design, and is a clear mark of the future of digital photography and videography. Their optical options and finer ergonomics are innovative, to say the least, and the structure boasts of an all-metal solid construction with increased durability and an improved dust and weather sealing, and a stout leather strap. Major feature changes include an enormous dynamic range with a colour depth of 14 bits per RGB channel, ISO sensitivity from 50 to 50,000, and a much better autofocus, while the 47MP full-frame CMOS sensor remains the same.      - Courtesy: