Classic Ceviche Recipe

Food is something that we all love to experiment with and try out different cuisines. The significance of food varies from one person to another, for some it is just a necessity for survival but for others it is something that defines happiness.

Despite the popularity of Taco Bell and Chipotle, many people don’t really understand the beauty of Mexican food. Mexican food is unique in a number of ways it is exotic yet healthy and delicious.

Here is a recipe of a classic seafood dish called Ceviche. which makes for a perfect party appetizer.

Ingredients needed:
•    400 grams of  pinboned with skin and finely cut into boneless strips of sea bass, lemon sole or snapper
•    1 minced and deseeded  red or yellow pepper
•    2 finely sliced spring onions
•    3 lemons
•    1 teaspoon sea salt
•    1-2 deseeded and chopped red chilies
•    1 cup of mustard cress
•    Few fresh mint leaves
•    Extra virgin olive oil
•    Freshly ground black pepper

•    Take two containers, and in one mix freshly cut 1cm cubes of fish fillets with spring onions and peppers. In the other bowl mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with a pinch of salt and add a few chilies. Now place both the containers in the fridge.

•    Along with the two bowls, put washed and dried herbs in the fridge to cool.

•    One important point to remember while cooking the fish is not to marinate for too long because you do not want the acids in the juices to cook the fish. Over the fish mixture pour the lemon dressing and thoroughly mix it. Let it sit for about 2 and half minutes. Meanwhile you can get the plates ready.

•    Now to the container that has fish add the herbs and mix everything together.

•    The final step is to divide the Ceviche between your plates, Spread the dressing and sprinkle with the rest of the herbs. To this dish add few drops of extra virgin oil and sprinkle freshly ground black pepper.

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