Cinemagia by Bvlgari

Cinemagia is the name of the latest jewellery collection by Bvlgari, and is a dedication to the magical world of film. Unveiled on Capri Island in Italy, the new jewellery is a reminder of the great creativity and visionary ideas which have defined some of the best films ever created.

Cinemagia makes use of superb colour combinations, unparalleled materials, and amazing gemstone cuts to showcase the Italian brand’s remarkable creativity. Each piece conveys the apotheosis of Bvlgari’s unique flair. The black-silver zirconium – a pretty new material for the world of high jewellery – is present in Bvlgari’s Cinemagia, wonderfully matched with a gleam of diamonds. Another interesting piece from this new collection is the Pirate Treasures necklace, which boasts of three deep blue sapphires. The Fairy Wings necklace shocks and awes with its astonishing gemstone rainbow, set right in the middle of a superb butterfly design.

Cinemagia is a collection that embraces the full magic of Bvlgari’s renowned gems, combining the lavishness of the collection with the colourfulness of their gems to create a few statement pieces of intense desire.   - Courtesy: