Christian Louboutin Is The Chosen One By The Couture Council

Ace designer Christian Louboutin’s world famous, red-soled shoes have been chosen as this year’s honouree of the Couture Council. The prestigious honour was awarded to Louboutin as his shoes are “utterly iconic as a symbol of erotic feminity” according to Valerie Steele, the director of the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

This is awarded usually to a clothes designer but Louboutin feels that fashion lovers have a special relationship with their shoes. He said, “The woman carries the clothes. But the shoes? They carry the woman. So it’s a very different interaction. The shoe is a pedestal, but this little thing on your feet is also making you a different person, in a lot of ways. It’s affecting the entire silhouette and the way you’re going to walk and move.” He added saying, “There’s another advantage, to footwear ¬- The wearer can see it. If you have a dress, you can’t see it unless you have a mirror. But if you have a pair of shoes, you can still look at your feet all the time.”

In fact, the red soles have an interesting story to them. One day when Christian Louboutin was experimenting in his factory, he spotted his assistant’s red nail polish. He painted the soles to try a bright colour and voila! That stroke of genius went on to become history. Louboutin’s shoes are worn by fashionistas around the world, but he prefers to discover non-celebrities wear his shoes. “I’m walking in the street, and I look at the shoes and they look good and I’m almost jealous, and then I look and it’s a red sole, and I go woo-hoo!”

The Couture Council luncheon coincides with a new exhibit at The Museum at FIT running 6th September to 4th January.

-Nitasha Silesh
Pic courtesy: Official Instagram Account, @louboutinworld