Chris Brown Finally Gets to Leave Manila, Philippines

Grammy-winning hip-hop star Chris Brown was cleared to leave the Philippines late Friday, an official said, after he was temporarily barred from exiting the country over a row with a powerful religious sect.
The 26-year-old R&B; artist sang at a packed concert in Manila on Tuesday, then wasn’t able to leave because a fraud complaint was filed against him and a promoter for a cancelled concert last New Year’s Eve.
In a profanity-laced, now-deleted video, Grammy-winning singer Chris Brown vented his frustration Thursday (July 23) at being stuck in the Philippines for a second day.
Brown also published a series a panicked tweets denying any wrong-doing and claiming he was trapped in a “serious situation” that someone needed to be held accounted for.
Later in a brief video posted to his official Twitter feed Friday night an exuberant Brown is seen walking towards a plane, apparently headed to his next gig in Macau.
"Manila it was fun, love y'all man," the rapper says. "If you're free to come to Macau -- party tonight!"

-Devashree Goenka