Chopard’s Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts Collection

Celebrating the spirit of strong, determined and courageous women Maison Chopard’s unique jewellery collection called Happy Hearts – Golden Hearts represents Caroline Scheufele’s vision of the James Bond lady and the core values of Chopard—generosity and caring for others. The collection is a new touch to the line of Happy Heart launched in 2018. Happy Hearts –Golden Hearts collection features a line of jewellery ranging from bracelets, earrings, pendants, and long necklaces embedded with lovely hearts filled with ethical rose gold. The collection truly fits into the brand’s idea of Happy Hearts collection – a perfect combination of Chopard’s talisman heart and emblematic moving diamonds. These beautiful pieces are a perfect amalgamation of a large golden heart combined with a smaller heart and moving diamonds, which is also one of the signatures of the Chopard house. Not less, not more: these limited edition pieces are just perfect to pair with any outfit. Start saving and grab one!    - Web: