Ingredients                          Qty

For gluten-free sponge
egg (white)                    6
egg (yolk)                      6
caster sugar                  50 gm
dark chocolate               270 gm
butter                           140 gm

For milk chocolate truffle
milk chocolate                280 gm
fresh cream                   140 gm

For dark chocolate truffle
dark chocolate            140 gm
fresh cream                70 gm


1.   For the sponge, melt the chocolate and butter and set aside.

2.   Make a soft peak meringue with egg white and sugar. Add egg yolk and fold gradually. Finally, add the melted chocolate and butter. Fold carefully.

3.   Pour the mixture into a flat baking tray, and bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 15 minutes. Let cool and set aside.

4.   For the milk and dark chocolate truffles, boil the cream separately and pour it over chopped chocolate  chunks. Mix well with a spatula and strain. Let cool and set aside.

5.   To assemble, make the chocolate sponge in three levels and layer with milk chocolate truffle. Top it with dark chocolate truffle.

6.   Keep the pastry in the refrigerator overnight. After it sets, cut into portions and serve chilled. Serves eight.