Chocolate Mousse

by pavan

read to know about the recipe for Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients                    Qty 

Cocoa Powder           8 spoons
Sugar                        2 ½ cups
Milk                           4 cups
Fresh Cream              2 cups
Salt                             a pinch
Dark chocolate          1 ½ cup
Corn flour                   6 spoons 


•    First in a heating pan, take 4 cups of milk , add 2 ½ cups of sugar, 8 spoons of cocoa powder, 6 spoons of corn flour, a pinch of salt and 2 cups of fresh cream. Mix all the ingredients well. 
•    Once all the ingredients start blending well and the milk starts to thicken, add melted dark chocolate. Mix it well. 
•    Allow the mousse to boil on slow flame for about 5-7 minutes and let it cool. 
•    Now put the mousse in another container and refrigerate for about 8- 11 hours. 
•    And remove it from the refrigerator and before serving cold, dust some cocoa powder. 

-Akhila kakarala
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