Chocolate Mousse


Ingredients                                                       QTY

dark chocolate     1 kg
cream     1 ltr
egg yolk     8
soft butter     50 gm
milk     50 ml
For Chocolate Shell      
flour     200 gm
butter     200 gm
sugar     200 gm
egg white     200 ml
melted dark chocolate     200 gm
cocoa butter     50 gm



1. Heat cream and add small pieces of chocolate to it; melt it on a double boiler. Add the egg yolk and whisk until smooth and then add the milk and butter, and continue whisking.
2. Set in desired moulds.
3. For chocolate shell, mix all the ingredients together and mould the shell in desired shape.
4. Melt the dark chocolate and cocoa butter together and once the shell is made, dip it into the above mixture and refrigerate. Serves seven.