Chocolate-Centred Glutinous Rice Dumplings

by mediology

Ingredients                                     Qty
glutinous rice flour                          100 gm
dark chocolate truffle                      100 gm
caster sugar                                    50 gm
sesame seeds (roasted, crushed)  25 gm
cashews (roasted, crushed)           25 gm
water                                                to make dough


1.   Make soft dough with rice flour and water, and set aside.

2.   Divide the dark chocolate truffle into four equal parts. Roll them into balls and set aside.

3.   Divide the rice flour dough into four equal parts and flatten them into round sheets of two each. Place the chocolate balls in the centre of each rice flour sheet and fold so as to cover the balls evenly from all sides, to make rice flour roundels.

4.   Steam the rice flour and chocolate roundels for 8 minutes. Remove and set aside.

5.   Mix the caster sugar, roasted and crushed sesame seeds and cashews, and roll the cooked roundels in this mixture so that it covers them evenly from all sides.

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