Chicken chops with marinated vegetable and tomato coulis

Ingredient                         Qty

chicken drumsticks                       2

black pepper                                  10 gm

salt                                                   to taste

mustard paste                               20  gm

Worcestershire sauce                 10 ml

garlic (chopped)                            20  gm

rosemary (dried)                           a pinch

potatoes (boiled mashed )         50  gm

fresh cream                                   50 ml

butter (unsalted)                           20 gm

oregano (fresh )                            1 sprig

spinach                                           1 bunch

carrot                                               50  gm

broccoli                                           50  gm

zucchini                                           50  gm

For tomato coulis:

Fresh tomatoes (quartered)       3

tomatoes (sundried)                    2

garlic (clove)                                  1

extra virgin olive oil                       3 Tbsp

basil leaves                                   5

red pepper (crushed)                  a pinch

black pepper (freshly ground)    1 tsp

salt                                                   to taste



    Marinate the chicken drumsticks in mustard paste, Worcestershire sauce, salt, black pepper, chopped garlic and rosemary.
    Puree the fresh tomatoes with the sundried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, basil and red crushed pepper. Season with salt and black pepper, refrigerate until it’s time for serving.In a pan, melt butter and add mashed potatoes, seasoning and cream.
    Grill the chicken till cooked. In another pan, sauté spinach.
    Place the spinach on the plate, top with quenelles of potato. Place the chicken and the marinated vegetables, finish with tomato coulis. Garnish with fresh oregano.