Cheesecake – Ancient Greece

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? The crunchy biscuit base, and that heavenly cream cheese layer will have you drooling instantly. However, did you know that the first record of a cheesecake recipe dates back to Ancient Greece? Contrary to the popular belief that cheesecake was invented in New York, the delicious dessert may have actually been invented on the Greek Island of Samos. Historians even believe that this popular dessert was served to the athletes competing in the very first Olympic Games, which were held in 779 BCE! The Greeks considered cheesecake a great source of energy, which might be why it was served to the participants. They were also known to use the tasty confection as their go-to wedding cake, although it was slightly different from the cheesecakes we’re used to. The ingredients of a typical cheesecake – wheat, flour, honey, and cheese – were formed into a cake instead. The recipe was altered even more when the Romans took over Greece, which led to modifications on the classic dish that forever changed the structure of it. The expansion of the Roman Empire took this dish to the Europeans, who made their own changes to the recipe to make it unique to their native land. In fact, it wasn’t until the 18th century that the signature ingredient of cream cheese was added to the recipe. Cream cheese was an American addition and changed this dish forever. Now the entire world has put its own spin on this classic dessert; the Japanese use corn starch and egg whites, while the Greek use feta or mizithra.     - Pic: