Check out these TOP SIX Tips Will help You Combat Dry and Flaky Scalp during the Winter Season

You might have had a fleeting affair with dry scalp during the fall, but it's winter season and it is cold, dry and harsh. Winters can make your skin extremely dry and that includes your scalp. Dry scalp is an issue faced by many during the winter season, thanks to the moisture being sucked out due to the weather conditions. And the constant juggle between the cold temperature outside and the warm one inside, this situation becomes even worse. This makes your scalp flaky and itchy, and cause issues such as dandruff.

Today, we have compiled a list of Top SIX easy and effective tips that can help you combat the dry and flaky scalp during winters. If you are also suffering from this condition, follow these tips and you would see amazing results.

•    Tip 1- Use Alcohol-Free Hair Products
Alcohol has the ability to such the moisture of the skin. It thus makes your scalp dry. Combined with the harsh and drying winter weather, products that contain alcohol make the scalp super dry and cause itchiness and flakiness. So, flip your hair care product and keep it back if it contains alcohol.

•    Tip 2- Give Your Scalp A Nourishing Massage
The nourishing and moisturizing vegetables oils are a great way to restore the moisture in your scalp. Massage your scalp with coconut, olive or almond oils at least twice a week to reduce the dryness.

•    Tip 3- Give A Rest To The Heat Styling Products
Heat styling tools like blow dryers and straighteners have become a constant in our lives. We use them without any thought. These tools are proven to leave your scalp and hair dry and dehydrated. So, avoid using these tools to prevent your scalp from becoming dry.

•    Tip 4- Protect The Scalp From The Cold Winds
A great way to protect your scalp during the winter season is not to expose it to the cold winds. Use a hair accessory like a hat or a scarf to achieve that.

•    Tip 5- Avoid The Instant Shift Between High And Low Temperatures
Central heating has made our lives so much easier. It gives us relief from the cold winter. That, unfortunately, is not how your scalp feels. The instant and constant shift between the cold and warm temperature can mess with your scalp and make it dry and vulnerable. So, avoid this juggling between extreme temperatures.

•    Tip 6- Try Out Some Home Remedies
We tend to divert towards the store-bought products to combat the dry scalp. Most often these products don't perform as you would like them to. There are many natural ingredients that are replete with moisturizing properties. Treat your scalp with some hydrating home remedies.

-    Alekhya Reddy
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