Check out these top Six Tips & tricks to make the most out of your winter vacation

Stay toasty and make the most out of your winter vacation with these easy Top Six tips and tricks.

•    Do your homework
It goes without saying that you need to do some research on the destination you’re travelling to. Weather forecasts should be the first thing you check (yes, even before planning your itinerary) because it gives you a rough gauge on what you can or cannot do while you’re there. It seems simple enough, but this step is overlooked more often than not. If it’s a winter destination, do check for temperature levels and chances of rain, snow, or heavy winds.

•    Packing for sweater weather
Make sure you pack the right clothes for wherever you’re going. While you’re checking weather forecasts for temperature levels, you should at the same time consider how thick your winter wear should be. This consideration needs to be applied to all the clothes you need — winter jackets, clothes, long johns, and more. Choose your layers carefully. Then throw in some pretty thermal accessories, so that you can stay stylish even despite raging winters or harsh winds. You don’t want to be the person in your group that’s underdressed, and always complaining about the cold! If you’re worried about squeezing a ton of layers and accessories into your luggage, here’s a pro tip — use packing cubes to organize (and compress) bulkier winter wear!

•    Always ready for a picture
You would definitely want to capture snapshots of happy moments in the snow, and your Smartphone will likely be the tool for that. You’ll need to use your fingers to tap your touch screen, but if it’s freezing outside, this simple act becomes almost unbearable — especially when you have remove your gloves. Save your digits from the hassle (and potential frostbite) by packing Smartphone-friendly winter gloves. These functional gloves will keep your fingers toasty, while your Smartphone is literally at your fingertips when you need it.

•    Handy heat packs  
While we’re on the topic of staying toasty, here’s another must-have item when you’re heading into the heart of winter: heat packs. We must stress how important these tiny little sachets are — these make all the difference when you’re looking for a little more warmth while trudging outside in the cold. These heat packs from Daiso come in two variations, either as stick-ons on the insides of your clothes or as pocket warmers.

•    Stay moisturized
There’s a few things you should pack into your suitcase while preparing for a winter holiday. Winter air is very dry, and it sucks any moisture whatsoever right out of your skin. Pack travel-sized body lotion, facial moisturizer, and chapsticks or lip balm. Apply religiously whenever possible — your skin will thank you.  

•    Prepare for the unexpected
Don’t forget to also pack some medical supplies with you. It could be new cuisines, an errant flu bug you picked up, or even just extreme shifts in temperature (from tropical to winter conditions) that cause you to fall ill. Whatever the case, it’s best to have some emergency supplies on standby just in case you need it, so that you can rest up, get better, and enjoy your holiday as best you can!

-    Alekhya Reddy
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