Check out these Top Six health benefits of Hurdles for Body Fitness

Hurdles or hurdle jump is a form of exercise in which a person runs and jumps over many hurdles with a speed. It comes under polymeric training which is done for power development, flexibility, and stronger hips and muscles.

Many people think that hurdling and hoping are similar as they both require jumping. However, they both are different as the prior requires single-leg landing while the latter is two-foot landing. If a person wants to become an expert in hurdle hops, they have to challenge their abilities and gain expertise in all the three forms of exercise- running, jumping and static landing. This shows the fitness levels of people who are good at hurdles.

Here is the list of Top SIX major health benefits of hurdles

• Strengthen muscles

Hurdle jumps require a lot of muscle activity, muscle support and coordination between muscles like hips, arms, legs and stomach. A person requires a lot of force to run and jump which is generated by the muscles. Thus, it helps to make the muscles elastic and contractile for better performance.

• Makes bones flexible

Hurdles require a lot of leg movements from bending to jumping high and then relaxing at the same time. This helps to keep bones flexible and reduces the risk of bone and joint diseases like arthritis or joint pain.

• Helps to increase height

Hurdles are among those exercises which help to increase the height. It includes two essential form of exercises - running and jumping. Both these forms help in the growth and development of the bones and allow a person to gain height at a very faster rate

• Improves body coordination

Performing hurdles daily help to improve the coordination of your body and maintain a perfect balance so that you stay stable and not fall easily. This comes when you jump and make a static landing several times while performing hurdles.

• Promotes brain function

Hurdles require alertness and perfect time management between running and jumping keeping the body balanced. This helps promote brain functions. Another reason is hurdling improves the blood circulation which further helps the brain get more oxygen and improve its function.

• Burns calories

Every exercise helps burn a certain amount of calories in our body. As hurdling requires both running and jumping, the number of calories burned while performing it is more compared to other forms of training. Hurdles help us stay fit and maintain a proper weight.

- Alekhya Reddy
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