Check out these TOP FIVE YOGA RETREATS you must visit for a detox

If you’re thinking of eating healthy, exercising and travelling, we have a perfect vacation idea for you – YOGA RETREATS! Check out this list of TOP FOUR yoga retreats in Asia for your complete physical and mental detox. We assure you that you will not come home tired from this vacation but with a fresh mind, a fit body, and a warm smile on your face.

•    Ananda In The Himalayas, India
At this serene wellness retreat by the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, you will be welcomed with warm smiles, a string of rudra (holy beads strung together), a refreshing drink and all things that are the peak of Indian hospitality. There are various programmes designed specifically for individual goals such as detox, fitness, de-stress, weight loss, rejuvenation and anti-ageing. Revitalizing treatments, including sensuous aromatherapy, pressure points and tension release work through reflexology.

•    Samahita Retreat, Thailand
A beautiful beach, spiritual environment, relaxing massages, rejuvenating yoga, healing therapies and healthy food – Samahita Retreat is the perfect vacation for your body and mind. They have a range of programmes such as YogaCoreCycle, detox, wellness spa, weight loss and de-stress. To make sure you achieve your goal, you will have a dedicated teacher.

•    Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat, Bali
This eco-retreat is a perfect combination of traditional Balinese wisdom and modern luxury. Floating Leaf offers yoga, spa services, healthy cuisine, deep cultural experiences, traditional Balinese healing, and holistic relaxation for body, mind and soul. The massive yoga deck here offers sweeping views of Holy Mt. Agung as well as the Indian Ocean and Bali’s outer lying islands. You can even participate in the sunrise and sunset yoga sessions held on the serene beach!

•    The Farm at San Benito, Philippines
If you have a baby and need a break (we can almost hear you scream “Yes!”), this is the right place for you. We say this as this is among the few wellness retreats which offer infant massages. Apart from special post-natal massages, there are infant massages which can be done in tandem with a massage for the mother. Yoga sessions are held in a pavilion overlooking the lush green tropical forest.

-    Alekhya Reddy
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