Check out these TOP FIVE easy makeup tips to help you look stunning for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Every couple is hoping to celebrate this day by spending some quality time with their partners and by doing something special. But this also means that the girls need to get all dressed up and prep for a special date. We need to dig out our vanity case and makeup kits to do the best possible makeup and look stunningly pretty.

It's always a good thing to go the extra mile to dress up and look good for your partner to celebrate this extra special day of love. And that means that we need to get our makeup right and not all of us are good at doing our makeup well. Here are some much-needed TOP FIVE Valentine’s makeup tips

•    Start with a primer to keep your makeup more long-lasting and smooth. A good primer can do the job well but don't forget to moisturize your skin before you dab on some primer.

•    Some of us struggle with uneven skin tone and dark circles and there's not much that we can do about it other than covering it up with the right foundation. Avoid using the wrong foundation or concealer shade. Try to go with the right shade that can cover your skin up and make it look smooth and even. 

•    While many of us feel that a highlighter is unnecessary but it actually works really well to brighten up your face. A good highlighter can instantly make your face look brighter and enhance your features. Use some highlighter on your cheekbones and on top of your lip, the sides of your forehead and your inner brow line.

•    Go classic with your mascara and make your lashes look thick and voluminous. Go retro with your winged eyeliner to make your eyes look prettier.

•    Pick a lip color that goes with your skin tone. You could go classic red or you can pick darker shades like plum, purple, wine and maroon shades that matches most of the Indian skin tones. 

Now get going and get simple yet perfect makeup ready for yourself and someone special for Valentine’s. 

-    Alekhya Reddy
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