Check out these Top 6 Make-up Myths That You Should Not Believe!

Make-up is a world that fascinates many but also one that most of us don't have much idea about. We gather bits and pieces of information from various sources to make up for our lack of knowledge and step into the glittering world of make-up. The beauty world has many false claims and promises floating around. And most of the times the make-up tricks we think are quick beauty fixes does not pan out as expected. To filter that out for you, today we bring to you the myths about make-up you might have come across and the truth behind them.

  • You Don’t Need To Apply The Foundation On Full Face

The foundation sets the base for the make-up. It is applied to provide an even tone to your skin and not to conceal any spots and blemishes. Applying foundation on certain areas of the face is never a great idea as the difference will be quite visible.

  • Darker Foundation Can Make You Look Tanned

Getting tanned might excite you, but using a darker foundation is not the way to achieve it. Applying a darker foundation will appear just that- a wrong foundation shade. So, always try to get a foundation shade that is close to your skin tone.

  • When Going For An Eyebrow Pencil, Choose Black

Choosing a dark black eyebrow pencil is a mistake that many do. A black pencil will make-up your eyebrows look unnatural. You must always go for a shade lighter than your eyebrow hair. A dark brown pencil will work seamlessly with most of the Indian skin tones.

  • Applying Shimmer On The Inner Corner Of The Eyes To Make Them Pop Works For Everyone

An important factor that we miss- the age factor. Highlighting the inner corner of the eyes is a great trick unless you have fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Then it highlights both your eyes and the signs of ageing.

  • Expensive Products Are Always Better

Price doesn't guarantee quality. There are many luxury make-up products that get bad reviews. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a good make-up product. Yes, you might have a few hits and misses, but you definitely get some gems at very affordable prices.

  • Wash Your Face With Soap To Remove The Make-up

Washing your face with soap can be damaging to the skin. Soaps have higher pH as compared to the skin and can alter the natural pH of the skin. In any case, to completely remove the make-up you need to use a good make-up remover followed by a gentle cleanser.


- Alekhya Reddy

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