Check out these tips for an effective in-flight skincare routine

Flights are not the hygienic or the ideal environment for your skin health. In fact, flying can turn out to be an absolute nightmare for your skin. It dehydrates the skin to an alarming level and increases the chances of sun damage to the skin. And if you have taken a long flight, you would have noticed the amount of damage it can cause to your skin. Moisturizing the skin isn't enough. Your skin needs more. It needs a proper skincare routine. To help you with that, here is the most effective in-flight skincare routine you must know about.

Guide To In-Flight Skincare Routine 2

Before The Flight

  • Wash your face

To start with your in-flight skincare routine, the first step is to thoroughly and gently cleanse your face. The moisture-level and health of your skin will be tested during the flight. So, it is best to wash your face with a cleanser that can remove dirt and impurities from your skin while keeping the moisture intact.

  • Moisturize hard

Your skin becomes dry while in flight and that can invite various skincare issues from inflammation to redness and itching. Before you hop on that flight, deeply moisturize your face.

  • Load up on the sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must in your skincare routine. And it becomes even more important when you are travelling on a flight as the sun rays can be even more harmful at that height. So, load up on the sunscreen.

During The Flight

  • Wipe the area clean

No matter how clean it looks, there are great chances of bacterial infestation in the flight. After all, thousands of people travel every day on that flight. So, to protect your skin, wipe the area clean thoroughly before you settle down. We know it seems like too much of a task, but trust us, it is necessary.

  • A hydrating mask

Your skin tends to become dry during the flight. A hydrating mask is a great way to remedy that. Not only does it hydrates your skin but provides a soothing effect to your skin as well. And if you don't feel comfortable using a sheet mask, there are always gel masks that you can use.

  • Mist it through

Always carry a face mist with you when you are taking a flight. It refreshes the skin and locks the moisture in your skin as well. After you are done with your hydrating mask, it is always a good idea to lock the moisture in place by using the mist.


- Alekhya Reddy

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