Check out these tips busy people use to make time to read

With fast moving world it’s very difficult to manage time for your work, passion and hobbies. With lots of deadlines, work pressure and inefficient time management makes life more complicated and compacted leaving no time for your hobbies. Here are few simple ways where you can make time for your reading without altering your busy day to day lifestyle activities.

Find a reading buddy: try to find a friend at your workplace who loves reading and at the same time find out if he reads the same kind of books. It’s always helpful to find one as it encourages you to keep up with each other.

Cut down on random browsing: Half of the time is done on random browsing, cutting down the time on those unwanted blogs and links would help you make time for your reading.

Go digital with your reading: if you're not able to take time for your reading, there is an option for it where you can go digital. Download your E-books from the internet and read it when you’re traveling in the bus or a metro. There is another option you can even download the audio book if you're not interested in playing the radio.

Cut down on social media time: Instead of spending that extra time of checking out others profiles and status or playing random games online , try to utilize the time for reading which is more productive.

Take a reading break: Instead of taking a break for coffee or tea, take a break for reading where you can dedicated the little time 15 to 20 for reading.

Go out on a reading date: if you're happy with your own company, head to the nearby coffee shop to read a book. Enjoy your company with the ambiance and a hot coffee.