Check out this recipe of Prawns on Lemongrass Sticks

Ingredients                                                    Qty

Fresh lemongrass sticks
Lemongrass (trimmed and coarsely chopped)
Fresh coriander (chopped)
Fresh red chili (coarsely chopped)
Finely chopped garlic
King prawns (shelled, deveined)
Cooking oil
Lemon wedges
Turmeric powder
Curry powder
Salt and pepper
2 tsp
1 tsp
2 tbsp
a pinch
½ tsp
to taste


• Soak 5 fresh lemongrass skewers in cold water to prevent them from burning.

• Process lemongrass, coriander, fresh red chili, and sugar and lemon juice until a thick paste forms.

• Then add turmeric and curry powder and season with salt and pepper.

• With a sharp knife, cut the prawns along the underside without cutting all the way through.

• Open out each prawn lightly by flattening it with your palm. Press one teaspoon of the lemongrass paste along the cut.

• Insert skewers into prawns.

• Brush the prawns lightly with oil. Cook on a heated barbecue or frying pan until the prawns are browned lightly on both sides and just cooked through.

• Serve the prawn skewers with lime wedges.

- Alekhya Reddy
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