Check out this recipe of Chocolate Mug Cake

Chopped dark chocolate      
Plain flour         
Cocoa powder   
Baking soda      
Condensed milk     
Vanilla essence        
2 tbsp
4 tbsp
3 tbsp
a pinch
4 tbsp
5 tbsp
few drops

•    Combine the plain flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and baking soda in a microwave safe mug and mix well using a fork.
•    Add the condensed milk, milk and vanilla essence and mix very well using a fork till no lumps remain.
•    Add the dark chocolate, mix gently and microwave on high on 2 minutes.
•    Serve immediately.
Handy tip:
•    You can also replace condensed milk with 3½ tbsp of powdered sugar.

-    Alekhya Reddy
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