Charlize Theron Condemns Donald Trump

 Actress Charlize Theron has come out and openly condemned the US President Donald Trump for mocking Christine Blasey Fords’ accusations against the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. She accused him during his confirmation process by testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee about her memories of the entire alleged assault,  all of which Trump mocked at a rally in Mississippi. Charlize Theron had some strong feelings about Trump’s words and, as reported by, she gave some words back.

"Extreme sadness because I can't imagine if that was his daughter, how he would feel if somebody did that," Theron said.

"And I think sometimes it's really hard for people to put themselves in that person's shoes, and I don't know why, it's just plain empathy. You don't have to agree with her," she added.

"But you don't have to belittle her, you don't have to do that. For me, it's worse than high school to see an adult do that. Especially the leader of the free world. It's sad." She further elaborated the effect that Time’s Up and #MeToo movements have had, explaining how for the first time inappropriate behavior is starting to have consequences instead of being shoved under the rug. .

"I think we've lived in a world where women have been so let down for so many years; in a very unhealthy way, we've almost gotten used to it," the "Atomic Blonde" actress said.

"So to see some accountability for some of the actions that are just deplorable, is…it feels like we are finally being heard and that things aren't being brushed under the rug anymore. These are civil rights, this is just something that should have already been and we should have been done with."

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – IANS