Change Your Diet For Glowing Skin

It is a known fact that what you consume, reflects on your face. It is important for you to eat those fruits and vegetables that your skin permits you to. Here are 4 food that suit a skin types, and if consumed on a regular basis, which help you get the natural glow on your face

  • Include food that contain anti-oxidants because foods rich in anti-oxidants are a must have in your diet, because they work well against dead cell. Beans, oranges and tomatoes are rich in this section of diet
  • Ensure that you have lot protein rich food like chicken, pulses and milk products. They work on the cells that rejuvenate your skin cells and thus help get a natural glow.
  • Ensure you drink at least 8 glasses of water. If you are not able to consume water, fulfill this need with fresh juices. Avoid canned juices because they tend to lose their content importance if they are tinned for a long time.
  • Ensure that you have a diet that is rich vitamins. Include lot of fruits in your diet, but avoid having fruits immediately after your meal. Try to have fruits on an empty stomach so that the fruit content will work on the cells of your skin.