CEO's note Feb National

Dear Readers,
A very Happy New Year to all of you – may it be full of all the happiness, health and success each of you deserves.
We present you our 366th issue. If we were just a regular monthly publication, which most lifestyle magazines are, we would have completed over 30 years of publishing by now. To be able to achieve that in the short time span that we have requires amazing determination and effort from Huma’s team. However, it’s not just the hard work of the editorial team; it’s the combined energy of all those who are part of You & I that makes us what we are – a magazine of you and for you!
The last year has brought about great change, both in India and overseas. Here at home, there is a new government at the centre, and people are hopeful that the change will lead to greater growth and development. On the international stage, oil prices have dropped to their lowest levels in this decade, stock markets are near their peaks, and employment levels are rising. It’s a period in which hard work and determination should bring success to all.
Every day, technology is breaking new barriers! As soon as anyone reaches a new height, there is someone else right behind, waiting to push themselves just that bit more, stretching to reach that next peak. We too at You & I are aggressively moving forward with changes that technology brings. With a newly strengthened IT team, our presence on electronic platforms is rapidly expanding, and during 2015 you should see improvements and innovations that will enhance your reading pleasure.
Last, but most importantly, I thank each one of you, our readers. It’s you who support us and encourage us to challenge ourselves, each time we come out with an issue. All of us make every endeavour to be honest and present a reasonable, responsible yet relaxing perspective for you to enjoy. We sincerely appreciate all of you and count on you to continue to endorse and strengthen us.
Yours sincerely,
Asad K. Latif