Celebs’ Beauty Secrets!

Everyone, no matter what age, wants to know the hidden beauty secrets of today’s hottest celebrities. They literally come in asking me, “Can you make my skin look like Priyanka Chopra’s or Amy Jackson’s?” Many patients are under the impression that there is one magical cream or a single deluxe facial that will address all of their skin and hair concerns, and get them glowing like the stars they see on TV. But the truth is that there is no single secret that will make you look as photoshopped as your favourite beauty icons. The real secret, rather, is that good skin takes HARD WORK, for everyone...celebs, housewives, teenagers, mothers, and grandmothers alike.


To start, red carpet-worthy skin takes regular dermatology visits. I have patients that come in only once a year, sometimes once every few years! By the time they visit my clinic, they have a host of problems, all dealing with cumulative damage. Many times, patients write off the bumps on their face as acne, when it’s actually a condition that mimics acne, like seborrheic dermatitis or rosacea. By the time they see me, they have permanent marks, scars or severely unkempt skin that now requires intensive and lengthy treatment to repair. Conditions and lines left untreated will cause more, and sometimes permanent, damage.


When it comes to my celebrity patients, they visit me religiously...sometimes every week! As soon as they notice a fine line on their face, a lacklustre glow in a photo, a stubborn acne lesion that won’t go down after a few days, they make an appointment. In my welcome letter to new patients, I tell them that I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with them...and I mean it! Find a dermatologist you connect with and stick with them. Don’t let problems go on for undue lengths of time, and make sure you follow prescribed regimens. If something isn’t suiting you, consult your doctor before changing products. Afterall, a long-lasting relationship is all about good communication.


As for the skin and hair care regimens I prescribe, they include anything from a simple face wash, moisturiser and creams that target only the patient’s stated complaints, to state-of-the-art laser facials offered in my clinic. Now, if you come to my clinic telling me you want to look red carpet-ready, I’m going to tell you about the laser technology, radio-frequency tightening procedures, botox, and fillers we offer. Why? Because that’s how all the celebs maintain their impeccably gorgeous appearance. No polished beauty icon is getting by with a simple monthly extraction and Himalaya herbal face wash twice daily. Let’s be honest: most of their job is to look fabulous, and doing so is an investment in itself...a great investment, I might add.


There is a common perception among patients that starting lasers, fillers or tightening too young is not healthy for you. And I have to convince them over and over again that this perception is absolutely FALSE. There are no adverse effects to starting treatments young; only benefits to be gained. Early intervention with treatments mixed with a strict skincare regimen is the secret to how celebs have mastered the art of ageing flawlessly. But there is no single treatment that works for every celeb or patient. Different treatments work for different people. That’s why (coming back to my first point) frequent consultations with your dermatologist are important in finding out what will work best for you.


We’ve all heard the classic debate of nature versus nurture. Nature – especially in a country like India where there is excessive heat, UV exposure and pollution – does little to benefit your skin. All of these elements are in fact detrimental to skin, for you and celebs alike. So next time you’re scrolling through social media dreaming about how naturally beautiful your favourite TV personality is...stop yourself. Beautiful skin is all about the nurture, for everyone!    

        – Dr  Kiran Lohia, Lumiere Dermatology