Celebrities show us how to look stylish during pregnancy

Look around you, and the media is galore with pregnant women looking drop dead gorgeous. From Blake Lively looking drop dead gorgeous with her 4-month old baby bump at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, to Chrissy Teigen showing off her gorgeously voluptuous shape, and closer home, Bollywood celebrities like Amrita Arora Ladakh, Shilpa Shetty, Shahid Kappor’s new bride, Mira Rajput and Genelia D’Souza, celebrities are not letting pregnancy stop them from looking as stylish as ever. In fact, these ladies have fully embraced their pregnancy and don’t shy away from accentuating and drawing attention to their bumps.

In the past, at least in India, pregnant women had limited options for maternity wear, and therefore used to turn out in baggy clothes for lack of options. However, today, the maternity-wear industry is huge, catering to women who want to look great even when they are undergoing a life-transformational experience from within. Today, with increased awareness, women know how to take care of themselves, and continue their exercise, skincare and beauty regimes so that they are positively glowing! Take a look at these stunning mommies below.

This lady shows us how you don't haveto be a celebrity to look fabulous during pregnancy