Celebrating in the Land of Oz!

Sometimes, all one needs to plan a perfect holiday is the opportunity to attend your friends’ destination wedding, and a group of great companions, of course. That was the case for newlyweds Suma and Urvash, and this week, You & I learns more about how they experienced the joy of going from one celebratory holiday to another, in the marvellous country of Australia.

It all started when two of the couple’s close friends decided to tie the knot in the beautiful city of Gold Coast, in Queensland. “The trip was initially planned to attend their wedding ceremony,” said Suma. “But since the two of us had gotten married recently as well, our friends – who were also part of this wedding party – planned a second honeymoon for us, and that’s how we found ourselves at the beginning of yet another exciting holiday,” she added.


Following a weeklong celebration of their friends’ nuptials, Suma and Urvash set out on their extended vacation by first exploring the rest of Gold Coast. A coastal city in the state of Queensland, one of the most distinctive attractions of this vibrant place is its sprawling beaches, which stretch for almost 52 kilometres.

It is the sheer size of its multiple beaches that has Gold Coast dubbed as one of the best places to learn how to surf. Treating its many visitors to an equal amount of attractions, no two beaches are the same here. With such a dazzling array of restaurants, clubs, theme parks and more, there’s equal opportunity to enjoy these attractions, or just to sit back and take in the natural beauty of the oceanside in peace.


“At Gold Coast, we stayed at one of the hotels on the esplanade, at Surfers Paradise,” reminisced Suma. “It is one of the most famous beaches of the city, and the view from our room on the 26th floor was a breathtaking depiction of heaven on earth,” she said. The couple loved the city’s nightlife as well. With its numerous bars and talented street performers, along with tourist attractions like the Ripley’s Museum and fine dining destinations such as Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant, this is one city that never ceases to amaze. However, if the newlyweds had to pick a favourite moment from their trip, it would be, “the late night walks on the beach, under the light of a beautiful full moon. It certainly emanated a sense of calm and set the perfect holiday mood,” shared Suma.

While they certainly enjoyed the city to the fullest, Suma and Urvash made the most of their 10-day holiday and moved on to explore Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney. In Perth, the couple visited the Kings Park, one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. Here one can enjoy the panoramic views of the treetops from the Kings Park Federation walkway; learn more about the flora, fauna, and over 70 species of birds; revel in a range of summer events and activities; take guided walks and much more.


Throughout the rest of the trip, the couple made it a point to hit as many tourist spots as they could in Brisbane and Sydney, while simultaneously ensuring that they enjoyed their time together as well. “One must definitely try the deliciously refined wine in this country,” said Suma.

It can certainly take some time to truly appreciate and feel comfortable in a new city, or even a country. But the couple was amazed by how beautiful, organised, kind, and generous the country and its citizens were to them. “During the trip, we even had people coming up to us and amicably inquiring about our holiday and whether we were enjoying ourselves; that was certainly a different, yet lovely experience,” recalled Suma. She further added, “Though we might have seen the best of Australia, if we were to get another chance to visit, we would definitely return and explore more of the country.” 

-as told to Roshni