CD player Extraordinaire

The Danish electronics company Gryphon Audio Designs is known for pure unembellished sounds. Recently, the company released a state-of-the-art audio player. Built with extreme precision, this device proves that CDs are not dead yet, and is created with just one thing in mind - compact discs.

The unique lid is a clamshell cover that’ll remind you of vintage vinyl. And the triangular shaped body is an all-metal transport body that has autonomously adjustable Atlas Spikes isolation footers to absorb airborne vibrations from the deep bass and protect the player’s body from micro-resonances that disturb the quality of the music.

With a price tag of a whopping $39,000, the player comes with a glass touchscreen control panel with an added feature of tailoring the sound to the nth degree using their roll-off filters, for the more OCD listeners.     - Courtesy: