Cannelloni recipe - mushroom and bind with béchame


Ingredients                                       Qty

mushroom (sliced)
olive oil
onion (chopped)
garlic (chopped)
parsley (chopped)
haricot beans
baby carrots
basil chiffonier
black olive (powder)
parmesan cheese
shitake mushroom
pasta sheet
tomato concasse
80 gm
20 ml
20 gm
10 gm
10 gm
25 gm
30 gm
20 gm
5 gm
50 gm
5 gm
40 gm
40 gm
2 gm
10 gm
50 ml


1. Sauté the onion and garlic. Add the mushroom and bind with béchamel. Then, add chopped parsley and 1 tsp gratedparmesan cheese. Roll two pasta sheets and cut them (5” long, 4” wide), then blanch for 30 seconds. Wrap the mushroom mixture in the pasta sheets.

2. Cut each sheet in equal halves, spoon some béchamel on each piece, sprinkle some grated parmesan and gratinate under a salamander. Spread the béchamel on the plate and arrange the cannelloni on it.

3. Spoon concasse on every piece; arrange butter-tossed baby carrot, haricot beans and shitake mushroom against the cannelloni. Sprinkle some chiffonier of basil over the cannelloni, dust black olive powder around it, drizzle with olive oil and serve.